* JOIN OUR VOLUNTEER TEAM: As we expand our programming, please come help us with pop-corn and concessions. A one-hour commitment lets you see the movie, opera, or ballet FOR FREE! Please contact Vanessa Graniello for more info: vgraniello@gmail.com.

* NEW CONCIERGE SERVICE: Would you like to receive an automated phone call informing you of our upcoming features? Please sign up for our new Concierge Service by emailing your name and phone number to Paul Elhoff : elhoffp@optonline.net, or call our office: 631-438-0083.

* SPECIAL MEMBERSHIPS: The Plaza offers Special Memberships of 24 tickets for $180, a savings of $2.50 per show. This gives the Plaza a financial head-start, and lets you see our programming at a significant discount!

* WE NOW HAVE A MOBILE-READY WEBSITE: http://plazamac.wwmm.mobi

* PLEASE NOTE: As of May 19, Sundays will be reserved for opera and ballet matinees, while Saturdays will be reserved for film matinees.


WHERE: 20 Terry Street, Patchogue (street level in the new ArtSpace building, one block south of Main Street)

INFORMATION: (631) 438-0083



The Plaza Cinema & Media Arts Center provides:

Current Quality Cinema
Classes in Media Arts & Story Telling techniques
Production Facilities for creating Films & Digital Media

Experience Learn Create


As a non-profit organization we depend on donations and grants from local, federal and state governments, as well as from individual donors, foundations, and partnership agreements.

If you are interested in supporting our mission please contact us: obergc@plazamac.org