History & Founders

Catherine Oberg, Isabella Rossellini, Campbell Dalglish

The Plaza Cinema & Media Arts Center was co-founded by Campbell Dalglish and Catherine Oberg, two filmmakers and media arts educators from New York City.


In the fall of 2011 the founders built the 65-seat Plaza Cinema in one of the commercial spaces of the ArtSpace building on Terry Street, Patchogue. This was possible thanks to dedicated and hard-working volunteers and the generous donations by individuals who had long wished the South Shore would have its own version of Huntington’s Cinema Arts Centre.


When our honorary trustee Isabella Rossellini found out we were creating an ArtHouse cinema in Patchogue she told us that one of her dreams had come true!


During our first year the staff, volunteers and The Board of Trustees have had the privilege to get to know many community members just like Ms. Rossellini, sharing our dreams to establish and sustain a cultural gathering place, a Plaza. A comfortable and safe place where we can meet to exchange ideas, challenge our perspectives, stimulate our senses, to travel in time and to different cultures, and to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.